Laser welding

Laser welding is a welding technique in which we fuse materials together with a strong infrared laser beam and thus weld them together. At VDL Industrial Modules we specialize in laser welding of stainless steel and aluminum sheet metal up to 5 mm thick. We do this for OEMs in hightech, mobility, energy, infratech and foodtech.

The benefits of laser welding (by hand)

At VDL Industrial Modules, we do not laser weld sheet metal with a robot, but by hand. We use an advanced manual laser welding machine for this. This makes us flexible to weld accurately in three dimensions. Laser welding requires less heat than conventional welding techniques, such as TIG welding. As a result, the material deforms little or not at all. With laser welding you also get a tighter weld seam and less post-processing of the product is required.

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Sheet metal engineers

At VDL Industrial Modules we are strong in implementation and engineering. Over the years we have built up an enormous amount of knowledge and experience in sheet metal. We know every possibility and limitation of the production of sheet metal constructions, including laser welding of metal. Moreover, our enthusiastic team of specialists knows everything about your market and its requirements.

That is why we are happy to think along with you about the best choice of materials, (optimal order of) operations and the correct way of assembling. And because we believe that things can always be improved, we continuously optimize both the process and the product.

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Other sheet metal working techniques at VDL Industrial Modules

In addition to laser welding of metal, you can also contact VDL Industrial Modules for other sheet metal processing techniques:

We take care of all operations in our own factory. This allows us to shorten production time and reduce your costs.

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