Machine construction for the food industry

Machine construction for the food industry requires the right knowledge and experience. A small error in the development or production process can have direct consequences for the food safety of products.

Hygiene and food safety: the basis of mechanical engineering for the food industry

Hygiene must be carefully considered during development prior to mechanical engineering for the food industry. At VDL Industrial Modules, we focus on food safety and hygiene during the development of the machine. For example, in our designs we avoid corners that make it difficult to remove food residues, causing bacteria to form. This way we avoid contamination of products.

In addition, food may not come into direct contact with certain materials. The choice of materials is therefore very important for machines that process and package food. Our factory is designed to use stainless steel, which we keep completely separate from other ferrous metals. This prevents contamination. The choice for stainless steel is simple: it does not corrode and is easy to clean with large amounts of water. Extremely important for a machine that processes food. Of course we make our machines for the food industry completely waterproof. This way, electronics remain well protected.

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Low cost and high ROI

In addition to strict requirements, the food industry is also struggling with a growing workforce shortage. Production workers are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Moreover, wages in Europe are high. This makes deploying these employees expensive. The solution? This lies in automating and accelerating processes. We are happy to help you make your machines cheaper, more reliable and faster.

Due to these continuous changes in the food industry, the ROI on the machines is also very important. We are happy to advise you on techniques, materials and modular machine construction to keep the cost price as low as possible. Making the machines smarter also contributes to this. We continue to improve the machine with the help of data analysis.

Machine construction for various branches within the food industry

At VDL Industrial Modules we provide mechanical engineering for various sectors within the food industry. Consider, among other things, machines for the production and processing of:

  • Meat and fish
  • Bread and banquet
  • Liquids (drinks)
  • Cheese and other dairy products

Machine construction for packaging food is also part of our expertise, such as sleeve machines that slide casings around a PET bottle.

Need a unique design? Which can. We build your machine completely to measure. Together with you, our engineering department will develop a prototype of the machine that 100% meets the requirements. Is everything running smoothly? Then we increase production and start serial production of the machine. Of course we don't forget after sales either. You have also come to the right place for spare parts. 

Strength through cooperation

As part of VDL Group, we have access to an even greater source of knowledge, competencies and connections. By joining forces you also benefit from purchasing benefits and therefore a lower cost price of the product.

We also work with a number of exclusively selected partners outside VDL Groep who, just like us, are familiar with the sustainable energy industry. By carrying out regular audits, we ensure that you receive products of the highest quality.

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