This is how it started…


It is 1923. On what is now the Vestdijk in Eindhoven, a man is working in his workshop on the production of mounting accessories, switchboards and installation cabinets. Coen Nolte senior is his name. His three sons are also involved in the electrical installation company Nolte EMI. They will take over at a later date. 

After the Second World War, the production of lighting columns, metal products for Philips and the PTT and nuts and bolts for the aircraft industry and blast furnaces were also part of the activities. The production of emergency lighting systems started in the 1950s. It turned out to be such a success that Nolte has been the market leader in the Netherlands for many years. 

In the early 1980s, Nolte increasingly developed into a supplier to the industry. With the manufacture of sheet metal parts and assembled printed circuit boards, copier manufacturer Océ is becoming an important customer. A few years later, in 1984, Nolte decided to stop manufacturing its own products. It is slowly phasing out its activities and responding to the growing demand for module construction.    

In 1989, Stork took over Nolte. The company will continue under the name Stork Nolte EMT. Ten years later it transferred the print assembly activities to a separate operating company. The assembly and sheet metal company will be renamed Stork Industrial Modules. 

In 2004, VDL Groep took over the company and renamed it today's VDL Industrial Modules, which now has 240 employees.


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