Engineering is the first and most important step in mechanical engineering. In this phase we translate your idea into a feasible and cost-efficient product. By taking the scalability of the production process into account in the design, we can quickly start or scale up serial production.

Engineering voor machine construction

Cleverness and ingenious ideas are characteristic of our Engineering team, which develops reliable, high-quality mechatronic modules and machines at the lowest possible production costs.

Your question is our starting point. Our Engineering team of experienced, pragmatic and results-oriented professionals listens carefully to your wishes and requirements for mechanical engineering. We study specifications, sketches and CAD drawings in detail. As soon as the drawings have been released after a short lead time, we start building the mechatronic module or machine.

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Sheet metal engineering

In a co-engineering process, we improve the production process of your semi-finished product together. To this end, we critically examine all drawings, materials, operations and (assembly) steps. We regularly see that even the smallest adjustments can lead to major savings. For example, we achieve a better result with a smaller number of operations. Time saving. Less material consumption. Or better quality. Count your winnings.

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