VDL Industrial Modules understands that Design, Make and Assemble are closely related to each other. 

Knowledge and in-depth understanding of each of these elements is essential to develop and deliver competitive products to the market. OEM's have a continuous drive to make their product portfolio “Faster, Better and Cheaper”.

It is our believe that technological and supply chain management innovations are the main enabler for these continues performance improvements. 
These trends require OEM’s to focus on their core business.

Core Business of VDL
Non-core business activities from OEM's consequently need to be outsourced to subcontractors that have equipment design, design for manufacturing and manufacturing as core competence. Instead of outsourcing on ‘component-manufacturing level’, today OEM’s rely on specialised and professional subcontractors like VDL to outsource complete systems and High Level Assembly submodules (HLA) including the integral design and development of these HLA modules.