As a dedicated family business, VDL Groep has a strong vision to improve, strengthen and make our company healthier for future generations. To ensure sustainability, we have integrated these principles into all our business activities. 

At a time when the demand for sustainable public transport is growing, our customers attach increasing importance to e-mobility and the impact of our vehicles on the environment. More attention is being paid to the carbon footprint of vehicles and the sustainability of batteries. The entire life cycle of a battery is taken into account, including the origin of the raw materials and the correct processing after use in vehicles.

At VDL Groep we advise our customers about giving batteries a 'second life'. For example, we have given batteries from our first generation of electric buses a new application in the electricity network of our partner RWE. In addition, we strive for maximum recycling of materials in our batteries. By actively contributing to the sustainability performance of our customers, such as 'green' production, waste reduction and sustainable use of raw materials, VDL Groep helps them not only achieve the desired quality, but also realize their sustainability objectives.

At VDL Groep we are determined to seamlessly integrate sustainability and circularity into all our activities. In this way we contribute to a responsible future, not only for our company but also for generations to come. 

Sustainable Development Goals

At VDL, our ambition is to make a structured contribution to the UN sustainability goals. To achieve this, we have entered into a partnership with UNICEF, the United Nations children's rights organization. Together we map the different parts of our supply chain to ensure that the raw materials we use are free from child labor. In addition, UNICEF supports us in setting up a structure with which we can provide insight into the contribution that VDL makes to global sustainability objectives.

At VDL we are committed to building a sustainable future. By working with organizations such as UNICEF, we strive to fulfill our social and environmental responsibilities. Together we work towards a world in which the SDGs become reality, in which prosperity is fairly distributed and the planet flourishes.