Module production for the energy sector

In the rapidly changing energy sector, the focus is on new ways to generate, store and consume energy. Ways that are sustainable in the long term. This requires innovative techniques and smart devices. And therefore smart designs and production. We know all about this at VDL Industrial Modules.

Systems and equipment for sustainable ways of energy generation, storage and consumption

We provide various types of modules and (mechatronic) machines within the sustainable energy sector. Consider, among other things, systems for charging electric vehicles, energy storage or self-moving robots on renewable energy for transport in production environments.

Internet of Things

The systems must be able to predict when energy is generated and when it is consumed. They then determine the amount of energy and the time at which it must be generated, stored and delivered. This smart communication is possible thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT). To achieve this, we work together with carefully selected and specialized partners.

From engineering to flexible mechanical engineering

Our engineers are happy to think along with you to develop your idea into a feasible product at the lowest possible costs. The scalability of the production process also plays an important role in this. We start with a prototype or small series. And scale up to serial production when you and the market are ready for it.

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Smart production

By increasingly automating, robotizing and digitalizing our production, we are building the system or module more and more efficiently. Consider the automatic and early detection of irregularities during production or smart inventory management to prevent shortages of production materials.

Strength through cooperation

As part of VDL Group, we have access to an even greater source of knowledge, competencies and connections. By joining forces you also benefit from purchasing benefits and therefore a lower cost price of the product.

We also work with a number of exclusively selected partners outside VDL Groep who, just like us, are familiar with the sustainable energy industry. By carrying out regular audits, we ensure that you receive products of the highest quality.


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