Module & Machine construction

VDL Industrial Modules is a specialist in module construction and mechatronic machine construction. Whether you come to us as a start-up or from a large multinational, we tailor our approach to your needs. In this way, we grow with you from a jointly designed prototype. Or we can completely take over current production, while optimizing the processes. This way you can focus on developing and innovating the technology and marketing the product.

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From engineering to serial production

Strict requirements and legislation in the market require specialist knowledge and experience during the development process. Our team of experienced engineers is therefore happy to think along with you. Whether it concerns the complete development of a new product, or making an existing product ready for production for serial construction. We continuously look for new methods, materials, operations and techniques to produce even faster, more reliably and cheaper.

Our excellent supply chain ensures smooth implementation. Because VDL Industrial Modules is part of VDL Groep, we can purchase efficiently. In addition, we effortlessly adjust our production when the batch size changes. Thanks to our collaborations with various partners within and outside VDL, we respond very quickly to market developments and grow with the needs and plans of your company.

Our motto is that we see you as a partner and we like to help our partners grow. Our strength lies in collaboration.


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