Module construction for the hightech industry

At VDL Industrial Modules we develop and build complex mechatronic modules such as electronic control cabinets for high-tech OEMs. We are also a well-known strategic supplier in the field of sheet metal. We have been a preferred supplier for a number of big names in the industry for years. As a tier-1 supplier, we exclusively supply all 'outer covering' for the most important player.

High demands on quality

As a supplier to OEMs in the high-tech industry, we know that quality and delivery reliability are essential. With our years of experience and the right certifications, we have all the specialist knowledge in-house. In doing so, we not only develop a high-quality product, but we also optimize our processes and methods day in and day out for the very best results. Thanks to digital work instructions, we minimize the risk of assembly errors, because error-free construction is our ultimate goal. By extensively and repeatedly registering and checking every part within the process, we meet the highest quality standards.

Optimized supply chain

Our supply chain is also designed to meet the strictest requirements. From purchasing to finished product: we have the right people and materials at the right time. Thanks to our own machining department and collaboration with a number of exclusively selected partners who, like us, have high-tech expertise, we have maximum control over the planning. By carrying out regular audits, we ensure that you receive products of the highest quality and as agreed.

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From engineering to assembly

By involving our engineers at an early stage in a New Product Introduction, you benefit maximally from our specialist knowledge about the manufacturability of the modules and the scalability of the production process. This ensures a cost-efficient and 'First Time Right' product. We can first build a prototype before we proceed to series production. Want to outsource the construction of an existing product? We know what to do with that too. With our build-to-print approach, we build a mechatronic module according to exact specifications smoothly and quickly.

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Cleanroom assembly

For the cleanest production environment, we assemble products in our cleanroom with ISO class 4. By cleaning, assembling and packaging the parts or modules in our cleanroom, we can optimally manage the production process. We also test them extensively before we send them, possibly directly to the end customer.

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Strength through cooperation

As part of VDL Group,  we have access to an even greater source of knowledge, competencies and connections worldwide. This means we are always close by and can work 'local-for-local'. By joining forces we can successfully fulfill almost any request. In addition, you also benefit from purchasing benefits and therefore a lower cost price of the product.

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