Metal punching

Punching is a sheet metal working technique in which we press different custom shapes into and out of the metal using a punch and die. For example, we use punching to tap threads and create air holes in the housing, but we can also make bends in the sheet metal with our punching machines. At VDL Industrial Modules we specialize in punching stainless steel and aluminum sheet metal up to 5 mm thick. We do this for OEMs in hightech, mobility, energy, infratech en foodtech.

The advantages of metal punching

Metal punching is especially interesting for parts with many holes, notches or contours. Punching machines have a high production speed. This makes them also extremely suitable for the production of larger series. Unlike laser cutting, no heat is used when punching metal. This means that even fewer post-treatments such as coating or lacquering are required. For more complex shapes or small series, laser cutting is the better option. Our engineers are happy to think along with you!

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Sheet metal engineers

At VDL Industrial Modules we are strong in implementation and engineering. Over the years we have built up an enormous amount of knowledge and experience in sheet metal. We know every possibility and limitation of the production of sheet metal constructions, including metal punching. Moreover, our enthusiastic team of specialists knows everything about your market and its requirements.

That is why we are happy to think along with you about the best choice of materials, (optimal order of) operations and the correct way of assembling. And because we believe that things can always be improved, we continuously optimize both the process and your product.

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Metal punching at VDL Industrial Modules

We have set up a fully automated machine park for punching your metal with the high-quality punching machine and a laser/punch combination machine from Trumpf.

Thanks to an automated sheet warehouse, the unprocessed sheet is brought to the mold and automatically transported back to the warehouse after punching. Because the machines can produce completely unmanned, the quality of your products increases while your costs decrease.

By also linking the machines to our ERP systems, you can view the status of your product at any time and adjust where necessary. This way we maintain maximum control over the supply chain.

Other sheet metal working techniques at VDL Industrial Modules

In addition to punching metal, VDL Industrial Modules can also provide other sheet metal processing techniques:

We take care of all operations in our own factory. This allows us to shorten production time and reduce your costs.

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