Our activities can be summarized in the following markets: Hightech, Mobility, Energy, Infratech and Foodtech. Each of these 'markets' has its own characteristics and challenges, with VDL Industrial Modules playing a unique role when it comes to the development and production of mechatronic modules & machines.


At VDL Industrial Modules we develop and build complex mechatronic modules for OEMs in hightech. We are also a well-known strategic supplier in the field of sheet metal. We have been a preferred supplier for a number of big names in the industry for years. As a tier-1 supplier, we exclusively supply all 'outer covering' for the most important player.

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We are a prominent player in the changing landscape of sustainable transport options. We also focus on addressing smart mobility issues such as design, electrification, connectivity, autonomous driving and mobility as a service.

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In the rapidly changing energy sector, the focus is on new ways to generate, store and consume energy. Ways that are sustainable in the long term. This requires innovative techniques and smart devices. And therefore smart designs and production. We know all about this at VDL Industrial Modules.

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At VDL Industrial Modules we are committed to a more livable, sustainable and connected society. To achieve this we must strive for emission-free driving, noise reduction and locally and sustainably grown food.

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Machine construction for the food industry requires the right knowledge and experience. An accurate development or production process is of great importance for the food safety of products.

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