Supply Chain at VDL Industrial Modules

As your contract manufacturing partner, Quality, Logistics, Technology and Costs (QLTC) are always our number one priority. This is reflected in our company, our working methods and our team. We take care of the entire development, production and assembly in-house. Our supply chain is optimally organized with our own machining department. This makes us independent of suppliers, so you always receive delivery quickly, as agreed.

With three different assembly areas, the equipment always meets the required quality. In addition to our hall for regular mechatronic assembly, we also have a clean area for module construction and machine construction with high dust requirements. With cleanroom assembly we meet the most stringent requirements for machine construction for the hightech industry

Cost-efficient module and machine construction

Thanks to efficient purchasing (we benefit from volume purchasing within VDL Groep, among other things) and our continuous search for new methods, materials, operations and techniques for module or machine construction, we keep production costs to a minimum. Our experienced team from Engineering, Supply chain and Production is in close contact with you at every development step. This way, the product and production process connect seamlessly and machine construction remains cost-efficient.

By standardizing and optimizing procedures for module construction or machine construction, we can further reduce costs. We would be happy to discuss a Cost Price Reduction process with you, where we analyze the product and production process to identify savings opportunities. The quality of the machine remains the central starting point.

Collaborations with permanent partners within and outside VDL Group make us flexible to adapt to changes in series sizes and developments in the market or company. 

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