Assembly of machines

At VDL Industrial Modules we specialize in the assembly of mechatronic modules and machines. We do this for OEMs that are active in hightech, mobility, energy, infratech and foodtech. In these markets you have to deal with rapid developments, strict requirements and continuously changing legislation. With our years of experience and the right certifications, we have all the specialist knowledge in-house. In this way we create certainty of the quality, safety and hygiene that your machines must meet. 

Assembly of your machines on a build-to-print basis

With our build-to-print approach, we take care of the assembly of the mechatronic modules or machines according to the exact specifications. This makes the production process smooth and fast. In addition, we take into account our capacity to absorb an increase in volume. This makes us flexible to grow to a complete assembly line for your product.

We only invest in tools and equipment when this is cost-effective for you. Our technicians strive for improvements every day and continue to look for ways to assemble the machines even more efficiently.

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Assembly of machines and modules in three room

We take care of the assembly of the machines or modules in one of our three assembly areas. In addition to our hall for regular mechatronic assembly, we also have a clean room for products with high dust requirements. With cleanroom assembly we meet the most stringent requirements for machine construction for the hightech industry.

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All-round mechatronic assembly

In addition to build-to-print, you can also contact VDL Industrial Modules for all-round mechatronic assembly. This is a perfect match when the systems are made up of different modules or components and flexibility in assembly is required. In addition to assembly, do you also outsource the development of the modules or machines to us? Then you benefit from extra speed. We build immediately what we have developed.

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