Module construction for Mobility

The economic functioning of society is highly dependent on mobility. However, the growing demand for mobility brings challenges in terms of accessibility, health and sustainability. To contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable world, VDL Industrial Modules is committed to developing mobility solutions, promoting electrification and reducing emissions.

In summary, our goal is always to provide smart, sustainable mobility solutions in everything we do. In this way we contribute to a better and cleaner world for future generations.

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An autonomous sorting solution designed by Prime Vision to create a flexible and future-proof sorting center.

Flexible and future-proof sorting

Most sorting centers are static and lack the flexibility to easily adapt to changing conditions. Robotic Sorting gives you the opportunity to turn any sorting center into a smart and flexible sorting center. Instead of fixed chutes, future sorting centers will use intelligent robots that autonomously make sorting decisions for packages. All it takes is a flat surface and in a few days your robots will be ready to go!


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