Serial production

With series production we can build the mechatronic module or machine quickly and (cost) efficiently in larger quantities. This can be 1,000 pieces, but also 100 or 'only' 10. By serial production you always receive products of the same high quality.

From prototyping to serial production

Good preparation can save a lot of time and money. By doing our homework well in advance, we can produce efficiently. That is why, before we start series construction of the module or machine, we first produce a production-ready product through proto-construction. We test and optimize each building block of the prototype for feasibility and scalability.

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The ingredients for successful serial production

Two elements are essential for successful series construction: materials and people. At VDL Industrial Modules, both are of the highest level.

With a strong network of partners within and outside VDL Groep, we purchase quality materials at an affordable price. Moreover, you are assured of fast and reliable delivery. By processing the materials in-house, we offer you even more speed and certainty.

Our employees are specialists in series production. They see opportunities, learn from improvement opportunities and apply successes from other projects to your project. In addition, we have optimized our company to quickly adjust machine or module construction when necessary. Consider scaling up production, an adjustment in the design or an unexpected error that we encounter during one of our many quality checks.


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