If the development of a mechatronic module or machine is still in its infancy, proto-construction offers valuable insights. Even if the design has already been worked out in detail. With prototype construction we have a proof of concept, where the manufacturability of the product and minimizing associated production costs are the common thread.

Prototyping prevents unnecessary costs

With the knowledge we gain during prototype construction, we can quickly adapt the basic design if necessary. This prevents surprises, interruptions and (high) costs during the production process. With an optimized prototype you can be sure that your mechatronic module or machine functions optimally and is profitable.

Prototyping with VDL Industrial Modules

Because we have years of experience in developing and assembling mechatronic systems, we know better than anyone how to organize production processes as optimally as possible. Already in the design phase of the module or machine, you will find VDL Industrial Modules a valuable engineering partner. By thinking about feasibility at an early stage, we keep costs to a minimum.

Together we determine the preconditions that your mechatronic system must meet. We then take care of the prototype construction in our own factory. Testing and validation of the prototype is also done in-house by our specialists.

From prototyping to serial production

Are we both 100% satisfied with the outcome of the prototype construction? Then in subsequent phases we optimize the design, ease of use and production methods into a final and fully-fledged product that is ready to bring to the market. Then we move on to series construction.

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