MINI with a medical mission
From left to right: Director VDL Nedcar Paul van Vuuren Member of the board of directors Maastricht UMC + Gabriƫl Zwart

MINI with a medical mission

22 September 2020

At VDL Nedcar, we make MINIs every day. But sometimes we deviate us from the regular production process and make an exception. This special MINI Countryman certainly belongs in the list of exclusive cars. This is only a half of a MINI for Maastricht UMC+.

This MINI Countryman sawn in half will help patients recovering from surgery or long-term admission to take their first active steps outside of the hospital. Often the first activity consists of getting into a car. You might not think so, but that is quite a task for many patients who have undergone a hip surgery, for example. MINI on a medical mission allows for pre-practice car boarding, a step in the rehabilitation process. Until now this problem has been discussed and explained to the patient in the nursing ward, but practice was not possible.

Good idea

It was nurse Silvia van Loenen of Maastricht UMC+ who came up with the idea to let patients practice boarding in a 'real' car. On location, in the hospital itself. Silvia took action and contacted us. We were immediately enthusiastic and quickly took action to make the nurse and the hospital's wish come true. Some while ago, the halved MINI was lifted into the hospital by a large crane, and on Tuesday, September 22, the "MINI with a medical mission" was officially presented. Director Paul van Vuuren and Wim van der Leegte were present at this special moment.