System integration and assembly of mechanical, electronic and pneumatic modules is one of the core-competences of VDL Industrial Modules.
The complexity of modules produced by VDL vary in technology, logistic concept of level of unicity or diversity.

With our team of experts in the field of LEAN manufacturing, Quality control and Supply Chain Management the best balance between automation, robotization and craftsmanship is determined and implemented.

As a general trend VDL sees an increasing need for flexibility.
Short delivery times in combination with low/no stock and small production series is managed by VDL Industrial Modules by means of an integral supply chain management organization. The two main production concepts are "Assemble to order" and "Manufacture to Order" optimized per customer demand and market dynamics.

Assembly is being executed by well trained operators and is being controlled with clear visual instructions and checklists that are used for SPC. All of these measures and procedures are in place in order to guarantee 100% quality control.

VDL Industrial Modules offers five assembly-area's for specialised building and testing modules and systems:

  • Mechatronics assembly
  • Mechanics assembly
  • Elektronics assembly
  • Micro assembly 
  • Cleanroom assembly

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