VDL Industrial Modules develops and manufactures modules for OEMs in the semiconductor and analytical industrie.

The functions of the modules designed by VDL vary from "positioning / cooling / airflow management and frame- and covering". A full overview of all in-house application expertise can be found here.  In addition to parts manufacturing also system integration, assembly and testing of mechanical and electronics is offered as a service.

Demand on cosmetics and level of finish are high and complexity of production and assembly lies in the characteristic and dynamics of this market being "High Mix- Low Volume". Processes and workflows are optimized to move along with the market dynamics, all under full QLTC control. 

Assembly takes place in our ESD-protected assembly departments or in our cleanroom.
In an introduction meeting we can conclude how we can serve you best.

Please contact info@vdindustrialmodules.nl or call +31 (0) 492 50 58 00.